FITT — Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of Activity

When you put a lot of effort into increasing physical activity, you want results! Whether you are a beginner or have experience, FITT will help you build your physical activity program. By following FITT, you are striving to manage your weight and improve your health.  Joel designs an individualized FITT program for all his clients:
  • Frequency- How often are you active?
  • Intensity- How hard are your heart and muscles working?
  • Time- How long are you active?
  • Type- What Exercises are you doing?

Green Zone 

When doing cardiovascular exercise, your heart rate needs to be in an ideal zone to see the greatest benefits and limit chances of injury, this is known as the "Green Zone" or "Aerobic Zone."  Exercising in this zone is challenging enough to get you in great shape, while at the same time preventing exhaustion and the need for frequent breaks. In other words, your exercise will be more productive.  We use our Green Zone levels to build endurance, burn fat and improve our body’s cardiovascular response to exercise. 
If your heart rate is below your Green Zone you may not be doing enough to get the full benefits of the cardio workout.  On the other hand, if your heart rate is above the Green Zone this can lead to overexertion and a less efficient workout, increasing risk to your cardiovascular and orthopedic health. 
Everyone has a different Green Heart Rate Zone.  Joel evaluates all clients performing a Sub-max Cardio test to help determine their individualized Green Zone.

Cardio Play

Keeping your workout on each machine shorter in duration means you can pay more attention to your body and its movements instead of zoning out. Make the most of your limited time on each machine by pushing your intensity to achieve results.  Success, multiplied.  Exercising on different pieces of equipment engages many more muscles than a workout on one machine would, including two of the most important muscles we have: our brains and our hearts.  ​
As a general rule, the more muscles used in a workout, the more calories you will burn at an equivalent intensity.​
 It is often better to use multiple machines in the one session.  Using only one machine in a workout will work certain muscle groups, and only work them in a specific way.  Working more muscles and in different ways not only provides you with a greater overall level of fitness, it also allows some of your muscles to recover whilst you work on others, allowing you to train longer and/or harder than staying with the same machine for your full session.​

Strength Training Zone 

The most adaptable tissue in the human body is skeletal muscle, and it can be remarkably remodeled after continuous and carefully designed resistance exercise training programs. 
Our muscles adapt and get stronger from the progressively increasing demands of exercise and the body's adaptation begins immediately after each fitness session.  Importantly, resistance exercise also improves the connective tissue that harnesses surrounding muscle, making it the most beneficial form of exercise for injury prevention and in physical rehabilitation therapy.  Additionally, the detrimental effects of aging on muscle have been shown to be reversed with regular resistance exercise. 
Your individualized Strength Training Zone program will include:  
  • Choice of exercises  
  • Frequency  
  • Order of exercises 
  • Load (weight)  
  • Volume 
  • Rest periods  
  • Variation 
  • Progression

Empowered Cancer Wellness Program

Empowered Cancer Wellness Program is the application of exercise, nutrition and mind body wellness aspects in the recovery process for cancer patients.  Over the past 20 years exercise has been applied to the cancer survival process with great success. 
Joel Kaye has created a state of the art cancer wellness program that implements exercise, nutrition and  mind body wellness techniques to empower cancer patients to take control of their lives.  It is becoming clear to both oncologists and physicians that nutrition, exercise and mind body wellness may be the only modifiable risk factors to avoid the development and reoccurrence of most cancers.
Joel's goal is to offer exercise, nutrition and mind body wellness as part of a treatment program for cancer patients.  The program will consist of an individualized training program, the best diet for optimal health and mind body wellness techniques such as positive affirmations, visualization and relaxation techniques. 
Joel will help cancer patients deal with practical day to day issues, including maximizing strength and energy levels, restoring physical function and providing knowledge and skills so they can maintain the highest level of functioning within the limits of their medical situation.
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” Cayla Mills