The Green Zone 

When doing cardiovascular exercise, your heart rate needs to be in an ideal zone to see the greatest benefits and limit chances of injury, this is known as the "Green Zone" or "Aerobic Zone."  Exercising in this zone is challenging enough to get you in great shape, while at the same time preventing exhaustion and the need for frequent breaks. In other words, your exercise will be more productive. 
We use our Green Zone levels to build endurance, burn fat and improve our body’s cardiovascular response to exercise. 
If your heart rate is below your Green Zone you may not be doing enough to get the full benefits of the cardio workout. On the other hand, if your heart rate is above the Green Zone this can lead to overexertion and a less efficient workout, increasing risk to your cardiovascular and orthopedic health. 
Everyone has a different Green Heart Rate Zone.  Joel evaluates all clients performing a Sub-max Cardio test to help determine their individualized Green Zone.