green fusion workout

The Next Step In The Evolution Of Fitness 

The Green Fusion Workout is the brainchild of Joel Kaye​.  Using his educational background  and over 30 years experience in the field of fitness he has developed a workout second to none.  The next step in the evolution of fitness.  GFW seeks to change this shift from unscientific, unhealthy workouts  by offering a healthy destination that  provides an evidence-based workout individualized to each participant, at the correct scientific levels to attain and sustain optimal health.   A workout that actually is fun and good for your body.​

The Green Fusion Workout is the only exercise program of its kind.  The Green in Green Fusion Workout stands for working out in the green zone, or the aerobic zone.  This is the most optimal zone to be in to burn fat and strengthen the heart.  The Fusion in GFW is the blending of many different cardio and functional strength training exerciises all in one workout done in a limited amout of time.  The most exercises one can do in one workout.

According to research conducted by exercise physiologist Len Kravitz, Ph.D., of the University  of New Mexico at Albuquerque, a "Multi-Mode Cardio Workout," which is varied at random, uses a variety of times/distances, and involves a mix of modes (exercises), is one of the highest calorie-burning cardio workouts a person can do.​

GFW uses a large variety of movements which engages many more muscles than most workouts.  As a general rule, the more muscles used in a workout, the more calories you will burn and the more muscles you will strengthen.

 It is often better to use multiple exercises in the one session. Using only a limited amount of exercises in a workout will work certain muscle groups, and only work them in a specific way.  Working more muscles and in different ways not only provides you with a greater overall level of fitness, it also allows some of your muscles to recover whilst you work on others, allowing you to train longer and/or harder than staying with the same machine for your full session.​   

Keeping your workout on each exercise shorter in duration means you can pay more attention to your body and its movements instead of zoning out.  Make the most of your limited time on each exercise by pushing your intensity to achieve results.   Success, multiplied.