Empowered Cancer Wellness Program

Empowered Cancer Wellness Program is the application of exercise, nutrition and mind body wellness aspects in the recovery process for cancer patients. Over the past 20 years exercise has been applied to the cancer survival process with great success.  Joel Kaye has created a state of the art cancer wellness program that implements exercise, nutrition and  mind body wellness techniques to empower cancer patients to take control of their lives. It is becoming clear to both oncologists and physicians that nutrition, exercise and mind body wellness may be the only modifiable risk factors to avoid the development and reoccurrence of most cancers.
Joel's goal is to offer exercise, nutrition and mind body wellness as part of a treatment program for cancer patients. The program will consist of an individualized training program, the best diet for optimal health and mind body wellness techniques such as positive affirmations, visualization and relaxation techniques.  Joel will help cancer patients deal with practical day to day issues, including maximizing strength and energy levels, restoring physical function and providing knowledge and skills so they can maintain the highest level of functioning within the limits of their medical situation.
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” Cayla Mills