Cardio Play

Keeping your workout on each machine shorter in duration means you can pay more attention to your body and its movements instead of zoning out. Make the most of your limited time on each machine by pushing your intensity to achieve results. Success, multiplied.  Exercising on different pieces of equipment engages many more muscles than a workout on one machine would, including two of the most important muscles we have: our brains and our hearts.  ​
As a general rule, the more muscles used in a workout, the more calories you will burn at an equivalent intensity.​  It is often better to use multiple machines in the one session.  Using only one machine in a workout will work certain muscle groups, and only work them in a specific way.  Working more muscles and in different ways not only provides you with a greater overall level of fitness, it also allows some of your muscles to recover whilst you work on others, allowing you to train longer and/or harder than staying with the same machine for your full session.​  This way of doing cardio is one of the highest calorie-burning cardio workouts a person can do.​